Today’s special guest lecture was brought by the very animated Arthur Parson
Gaming Director
Traveller Tales

Arthur Parson works for Traveller Tales, made famous by the very successful Lego franchise, such titles as Lego batman, Lego star was and recently the much a waited Lego Lord of The Rings, Arthur Parson came in today to touch on the subject of IP, and then leaving on a few words of wisdom.  Arthur Parson owns 15 years of experience at Traveller Tales, before that he was QA testing everywhere and doing bits and bob until he was able to put the foot in the door.

What is IP?
The term IP or Intellectual Property, is briefly explain, it refer to creational subjects such as literature and artist work. Using IP in the game franchise could be described as not Disney creating a Disney game but Disney having the final word.

Arthur Parson labels that most IP games as awful, often described as;

  • Lazy
  • Rushed
  • Poor
  • Lack-Luster
  • cash in
  • Buggy
  • Disappointing

All in all not a good rap, this could be down to short development time and Approval issues.  IP games like this does in turn have a knock on effect, frequently putting game industries in trouble, where typical games are released every year with without fail e.g. Fifa / COD, which often over shadows smaller companies.

Next Arthur Parson clarifies IP & Legal, and how its key to involve the license as much as you can;

Know the IP.
Learn it, watch the films, read the book / comics, really indulge yourself in there word, of what your creating, really surprise the fans on how much you got right.
Use the IP.
After getting know your source, use it! If there is a small point in the book which describes how the environment looked or a character acts, use it.
Involve the Key State Holders.
Get them involved, they want this game to work more than anyone, get there ideas too.
Think as a Fan of the IP.
Fans that love the brand get clever references toward all sources of its media and a great final product. Everyone is a fan of something; make something that you could love to play.

Most importantly, be faithful; make sure the Lego represents the same as the film represents, and pay close attention to the IP.  Whatever you end up making, even if it’s Lego Twilight, it has to be done with love and care, it’s someone IP, someone is a fan do both of them proud.

Finally AP gives some word of wisdom about the industry;

  • “With iphones and everything it’s a good idea to try and make some games,”
  • Get a QA job, its experience, it’s something in the industry
  • Don’t pigeon hole your self
  • Be diverse, create characters, building and environment both in 2D & 3D
  • Sadly, it’s also who you know

I found this all very eye opening and interesting, I often fell that to create a game with an IP would be very limited and no room for experiments but having a theme and something to work from sounds exciting and fun, as the idea of making a Lego Terry Pratchett is amazing.

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A brand new trailer by the boys at Serenity, just a teaser but finger cross for game play soon.

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Health & Safety

Today special guest lecture was brought by the very insightful
Graham Kearsley
Health & Safety
Bolton University

The first words that Graham said to us was; “health and safety is not the most sexy topic but it is an important one and something that everyone need to be aware of regardless,” he couldn’t be more true, it’s not rock n’ roll but it’s quite important none the less, when dealing with heath and safety, people often think of themselves and think it will never happen to them, it might be true but it’s not about you it’s about the companies, one person gets hurt and so does the company, which is something Graham explains in today’s talk.

Getting hurt at work can happen all the time and could easily happen to you.  Graham, informed us with facts and statistics about health and safety in the work place.

  • 300 people at killed at work
  •  In excess 150,000 non fatal injuries are reported
  • Over 2,000,000 people suffer from work-related health problems

These facts are all very well and scary but it got me thinking about the way I work, and how can what I’m doing affect me? If I get into the industry what kind of health risk will I be taking?  Graham touches upon that fret, high lighting that the most likely health risk will be musculo-skeletal disorder, affecting one’s back and wrists.  As being sat in front on the computer for countless hours with wrists weighted down on the desk and back fixed in on position, musculo-skeletal disorder is most likely, as it’s caused by long periods of just that. It’s advised to take breaks from sitting in front of your computer, 5-10 minute breaks every hour. My mum always told me that it would be bad for me but I never thought like this.

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Evolution Studios

We have two special guest lecturers this week, brought by the fantastic Will Maiden: Programmer
and the equally as fantastic Dave Bramhall: Dev manager
Evolution Studios

Both of which work for evolution studies, Will as designer while David worked as a producer. Both started by graduating from Bolton University, and slowly worked where they are now.

The speech touched mainly on the pecking order with in companies, how Will and David climbed up the ladder, noting each role and title they held. For example; Will pointed out the six stages of positions, until he became producer;

  1. Tester
  2. AI Rigger
  3. Junior Designer
  4. Assistant producer
  5. Dev Manger
  6. Producer

(This worked for him, others may vary)
After that they explained on what a producer really does;

  • Give minor tasks
  • Management
  • People skills
  • Organizational and planning
  • Communication skills
  • Excel, Project and Word
  • Co-ordinate team

One of the best and most nitrous way of getting into the games industry is Q.A testing, its and easy position to fill (as no one wants to fill it) but using your time as a Q.A tester will build up your contacts with people in the industry, and knowing a name or two will never hurt, although not just anyone can be a Q.A tester, a Q.A tester needs have;

  • Excellent communication
  • Excellent concentration
  • Strong writing skills
  • A logical problem solver

They then both touched upon skills that you will need to become games artist, but these skills are transferable to everything else, skill some good advice.

  • Creative
  • Passion
  • Skill
  • Can follow the brief
  • Takes criticism well
  • Use both 2D and 3D

This information was refreshing to me as it was a bit of advice I could truly follow and take on board, as there is a handful of points I feel I can do and yet there is enough I should really focus on, such as following briefs, hopefully know will be half the battle.

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Adding New site

I have updated myself some more, I am now to proud owner of two sites, this one on WordPress, which I will be treating much like a blog.
And one on Wix, which I will be featuring heavily on my art, showing off development in creations and more content but my blog will be the first place to know be for I post.

You can check it out on this link: http://evancarterdigitalart.wix.com/carterdigitalarts

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Serenity Highlights
Sonic & the Secret Rings: Party mode


If you have a couple  of minutes to spare, help some you tubers out, leave a comment if you will.

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Super Mario 64 Green Demon Challenge

Serenity Highlights

Super Mario 64 Green Demon Challenge.

If you got 5 Minutes to spare please give this a watch and help some poor youtuber.

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